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About me

Hello and welcome to my little place on the internet.

I am a Brighton-based writer, illustrator and graduate of Cambridge School of Art's MA Children's Book Illustration. 

My debut middle grade children's book A Different Sort of Normal is due to be published in July 2021, followed by my first picturebook in 2022, both by Puffin/Penguin Random House.

When I'm not writing or drawing children's books you can often find me building creative marketing campaigns for TV & entertainment clients in my role as Production Lead at Social Life/Jellyfish GroupFor the past 10 years I've lead social media campaigns for some of the biggest names in the world, including One Direction, Little Mix and Netflix.


Sometimes these two career paths crossover as they did this year when, as part of Social Life, I created a mini sex education/life hack Instagram Storybook for Netflix's animated comedy, Big Mouth. My work has achieved multiple award nominations and in 2020 I won an Emmy award on behalf of Social Life/Netflix for the Big Mouth Guide to Life, as well as Webby Honoree status. In 2015 I was nominated for Community Manager of the Year in The Drum's Social Buzz Awards for my work across The X Factor (ITV) and First Dates (Channel 4).


 For more facts/showing off feel free to pop on over to my LinkedIn page!


I create stories based on my own life experiences and a desire to help children of various ages through difficult situations and emotions. My projects often reflect underrepresented themes including family addiction, spirituality and autism across the gender spectrum.

I love bright happy colours and the boldness of gouache, pattern design as well as naive limited colour pencil drawings. I work with both digital and traditional media depending on the project. Humour and emotion are important to me. (I used to perform musical stand up comedy and I was in a comedy pop band called The Duloks)

Exploring the relationship between text and image has always been integral to my practice. As a child I drew pictures within essays, hand-designed homework titles and produced full colour front covers for my class books. This creative fluidity is still very much a part of how I produce work. My sketchbooks are like a child’s diary of memories and I like to design my own fonts. 

When I’m not writing/drawing/making social media campaigns I like to spend time in nature, bake vegan cakes and write funny songs about things that have happened in my life such as a fox eating my shoe in 2008.


I still miss that shoe.