About me

Hello and welcome to my little place on the internet.

I am a writer and illustrator. I live and work in London, while studying a part time MA in Children's Book Illustration at Cambridge School of Art.

In the daytime I'm the Senior Creative & Editorial Producer at social media agency Social Life, where I lead campaigns for TV and entertainment clients. I've devised and executed social campaigns for some of the biggest names in the world, including One Direction, Little Mix and Netflix. My work has achieved multiple award nominations and in 2015 I was nominated for Community Manager of the Year in The Drum's Social Buzz Awards for my work across The X Factor (ITV) and First Dates (Channel 4). 


(I sound like I'm showing off a bit, but I think this is the correct place to do that.
Or on my LinkedIn page.)

In the evening I draw pictures of dogs wearing lace knickers, pigeons generally being pigeons, and lots of pictures of myself as a child navigating this confusing thing called life. 

I work with both digital and traditional media depending on the project and especially love vivid colours, gouache and my trusty iPad/Apple Pencil.

I want to make books to help children through tough times and am currently working on a picturebook about addiction within a family. I also love writing and drawing funny and silly stories - humour is important to me and I used to perform musical stand up comedy at gigs around the UK. I play piano, clarinet, saxophone and flute and was in comedy pop band The Duloks. We toured Germany twice and performed at Bestival. 


I have two guinea pigs. They are reluctant models, but they have to earn their board somehow.

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